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5 Awesome DIY Halloween Decorations

The moment the leaves start changing from green to orange, red and yellow, a true Halloween lover begins to think about how they’re going to decorate their house for the season. While it’s true that Autumn is a time of harvesting and cooler temperatures, to those who adore the glow of the full moon, black cats and flying bats at night, autumn means Halloween. It’s time to bring out bright pumpkins, glowing lights, witches’ brooms and whatever other Halloween decorations celebrate “All Hallows Eve”.

A simple and easy DIY project that can bring a touch of Halloween decor into any home is to adorn traditional fall leave garland with small decorations such as pumpkins, bats and ghosts. These decorations can be paper cutouts or painted wood and can be created in such a manner so that they are not tacky but tasteful and not scary but whimsical. The bonus with fastening such items to leaf garland is that once the holiday has passed, they can be removed while leaves remain until it is time to replace them with decorations for the next big holiday.

For a more noticeable DIY Halloween decoration, furniture can be dressed up with the addition of orange and black tablecloths, real or artificial pumpkins, sticks adorned with bats and black cats and flickering LED candles. Bookshelves will become spooky alcoves filled with the glow of candles inside festive luminaries depicting bats and ghosts. A simple hallway table will be a showcase for a carved pumpkin lit from within or decorated on the outside with witches and cats. Halloween decorations do not have to be scary and intimidating for small children; they can be fun and pleasing for young and old alike.

Diy Halloween Decor at Home

When decorating with pumpkins, it’s far less mess and maintenance to use artificial pumpkins. Artificial pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes and many of them are made of a material intended to be carved. A fake pumpkin or jack-o-lantern is lighter than a real gourd, will not mold, rot or attract insects and can be used yearly for each Halloween. Small children or adults who do not like dealing with the task of carving into and scooping out the insides of pumpkins will find artificial pumpkins a much more pleasing alternative. Artificial pumpkins can be bejeweled and decorated until they are elegant decor that coordinates with a more sophisticated style of Halloween gathering.

A great outside DIY Halloween decoration is the placement of homemade luminaries along a walkway or lining a driveway. Printable candle wrappers can be found online for free and then placed neatly around an LED candle to create a safe flickering light outside that won’t cause a fire or be snuffed out by an unexpected rain storm. If they’re placed in an area prone to wind they should be securely staked or fastened to prevent them from becoming a neighbor’s unwanted lawn adornment.

Halloween decor no longer has to be tacky or scary to celebrate the season and with so many DIY possibilities, each spooky interior design can be truly uniqueand creative.

Guest author: Allison Cooper is an editor and writer for the Beyond Stores blog.  When not writing or researching DIY possibilities like the ones in this article, Allison likes to relax by reading a good book to her two children or enjoying a nice glass of dry red wine.

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Diy Halloween Decor at Home

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