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Adding Water Features to Your Beautiful Garden

You can add different elements to beautify your home landscape. Now we will discuss about water features. Listening to the gurgling sound of water can make the mind calm. Water is a natural element that is believed to create a harmony. If you hear the sound of dripping water, you will feel very calm. Building water features is good because they can make your garden more pleasing.

Types of water features
There are many types of water features that you can make. Where you see water flowing, there you can reflect and relax. If you want to experience deep relaxation, we suggest that you make a waterfall in your lawn. It is indeed quite complicated. Creating a waterfall requires a lot of supplies and enough preparation. There are various kinds of materials that you need to buy, such as landscaping stones, cement, sand, plants, and other ornaments. Although it looks quite complicated, in fact it’s an important element in a garden. A waterfall would look more attractive if there are many insects and other small animals nearby. This will strengthen the natural impression of your garden.

Although there are many water features that could be made, pools are still a favorite because they can be a focal point in your garden. Designing ponds should not be costly. You can choose cheaper materials such as fiberglass or plastic. You can decorate it with anything, but make sure you have some fish in the pond. The pond must be taken care everyday, such as pulling weeds in the vicinity, changing water, and cleaning the pool when filled with dirt and moss. Ponds attract wildlife. It indirectly makes they look very natural as in the wild. A few months after you build a pool, you probably will see a lot of tadpoles therein. Frogs are very fond of water sources such as ponds, no wonder they thrived there.

Another alternative that you can try is a fountain. It looks exactly like a waterfall but with a smaller size. Water features can be made by various materials. However, you still have to prioritize strength than other factors. All supplies for water features can be easily found at garden stores.

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