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Awesome Bamboo Flooring for Staircase

Bamboo flooring is one of the wooden floor design, which is designed from the latest materials and you will find it easy when installing bamboo flooring in your home. And here are some tips to make beautiful and attractive staircase.


1. Ladder in the renovation will be prepared. Remove all nails with a hammer, set bits / spot appropriate, make sure all nails are apart and then clean by sweeping or vacuum.

2. Separate board with a lay board ladder, use a reciprocating saws to dismantle the ladder. Make sure all the equipment is not in a state of disrepair.

3. Start by making stairs with bamboo cutting vertically. Cut each piece with a chainsaw. Use pneumatic-nailer to mark the board every six inches.

4. New nosing can be installed. Then use wood floor nosing on the pointed space along the sides to provide a good and perfect results. Get panhandle measures about one inch. Starting from the first step and should be part nosing in Porong appropriate. Later in the pneumatic nailer nail in a suitable place. Get the rest of the steps completed using ordinary wood floor.

5. Last when installing bamboo flooring on the stairs, you have to repeat step three and four to do the stairs. Maybe you will want stringers for stairs can be installed, but it’s just another option.

18 Photos of the Awesome Bamboo Flooring for Staircase

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