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Beautiful deck fire pit

  • On January 10, 2016
  • Deck fire pit might not be too important, but this thing could change the feeling and the nuance on the deck. Of course, having a deck in your house is always adorable. Its function is actually similar with patio, but the deck is always attached with the house, and the shape looks like a deck of a ship. For the fire pit, it has many varieties. It depends on the style and the material of the pit. People tend to install the pit at the centre of the pit, so that they can enjoy watching the fire while enjoying their pastime. About creating the fire pit, you may do little bit hard work, and it probably takes some money.

    How to Create Deck Fire Pit

    In creating fire pit on the deck, you could do that before or after you build the deck. It will be better if you create the fire pit before you create the deck, because you do not need to break the deck. There are several common materials to create the pit, such as, rock, stone, brick, steel, and concrete. The rock is pretty common for creating the pit, because it is very attractive and artistic. However, the other materials are also nice. For example, the brick is also artistic with its pattern, and the concrete could be created as a custom pit with your own taste. For the steel, it is usually a portable pit that can only be made by machine. Therefore, you only can buy it.

    In constructing the fire pit, you need a careful measurement. Then, you need to decide the size. Of course, it will be better if you adjust it with the deck’s size. If the deck is pretty wide, you could make a large fire deck. You should make the fire pit pretty thick, because you need to protect the deck from the heat. The depth is also necessary, so that you have to create the right measurement.

    18 Photos of the Beautiful deck fire pit

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