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Cool fire pits for outdoor needs

  • On January 10, 2016
  • Cool fire pits, you can’t install one just by digging and placing the pit. Some thumb rules should be followed if you expect to have the one that really describes your tastes. Not to mention, but in cold season many homeowners never give up the idea about staying outside the house to enjoy the light conversation while eating, and fire pit becomes the solution as the heat resource to tackle the cold down. It’s true that the main function of outdoor fire pit is to maintain the warmness in the middle of cold environment, but the fact that fire pit is a part of your home exterior, you need also to consider it looks as well.

    Installing Cool Fire Pits

    There are three main things to cover when deciding to install fire pit as a part of home exterior. First, it is about the installation itself, do you want it as a portable fire pit, or you expect something permanent. Second, it is about the heat resource, the choices are wood burning or gas. Of course, each of them has their own signature, so choose the one that you think suits you the most. Third, you may also consider about the material that builds the fire pit. Speak for it, choose the one that resists to rust and heat.

    Other things you should considerate about are the authority regulation. Checking first the rule is better even it takes extra work, therefore, you can avoid hassle in the future. When installing a fire fit with cool design that suits to your outdoor living, you need also think about the suitable location to install it for safety reason. Oh, the wind also matters when it comes to fire pit placement so, nothing can disturb you and family when enjoying the night. The position between the seating area and the fire pit are essential as well. Six feet of diameter is a safe distance for you to enjoy the fire pit.

    18 Photos of the Cool fire pits for outdoor needs

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