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Cottage Style Home Design

Cottage style home design is a wise choice for today’s economy. This style is quite simple and does not require a lot of costs to build. Nowadays people prefer do simple things, and it is also applied to home construction. The main point of this style is how you make the house look cozy, simple, and traditional.

The fascination of this style lies in its interiors and exteriors. As we know, in the middle ages cottages were usually dwelling of workers. The word cottage means for homes for tenant farmers or those who work for lords. Old cottages have a small size. They also don’t have additional structures besides the main building. It’s just like farmhouses that you often see on TV. Today cottages are a place for people spend the summer or just for weekend getaways. If you love staying in these homes, why won’t you try to mimic the style for your own home?

If you want to adopt the style, you can use elements such as stucco siding, steep gables, and asymmetrical lines. Most importantly, the construction should be dominated by wood. This home design was popular in the USA circa 1940. Since these homes are generally small, they can create a cluttered look. These homes are designed not only as a shelter for the owner and family, but also to get relaxed. Forget everything about expensive materials or fancy decorations because these are not luxury homes. They are designed to provide comfort to the occupants, not to impress other people.

One story cottage house plans

The application of cottage style is not only visible from the construction, interiors and exteriors, but also landscaping. Cottage homes are commonly surrounded by a large area. If you want to really replicate this design with all its uniqueness, then you need to set up a large garden around your home. Grow vegetables and flowering plants just like what farm workers usually do. Although these homes have a typical appearance, you can still combine it with various styles to create your own design. Each country has its own cottage architectural style. Some design traits are like French, Italian, Tudor, etc.

3 Photos of the Cottage Style Home Design

One story cottage house plans

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