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Curtain material. Price curtains

Curtain Styles – Curtain material. Price curtains

A new homeowner would want to see what he or she is getting into before tackling the task of deciding which curtain styles to settle on for his or her new home. Whether you’re looking into just updating the feel of a room or seeking privacy for a new uncurtained house, everyone still has to deal with the matter of pricing. It is well and good if you already know a reliable curtain maker whom you trust, but based on experience, acting innocent about the pricing of materials you want them to use for your curtain styles can get you to have to shell out more than you have to.

First tip is if you don’t already know someone who has done your curtains before, ask a friend for a recommendation. If the curtain maker knows that they’ve been recommended, a botched job on this new one might cause them to lose not just one client but also the one who did the recommending. If your friend was given a good price, there’s a good chance that you’ll get just as good a price for your chosen curtain styles if you mention it to them.

Second, if you’re on a budget, you might want to stick to more natural fabrics like cotton, cotton muslin or linen. These are lightweight and easy to wash. They can come in a variety of prints so you still have diverse curtain styles to choose from. If you can shell out a little more, then you can branch out to Rayon, Damask, Chenille and Jacquard fabrics. They are heavier and look more formal. Chenille and Silk are also more pricey but aren’t as heavy as the ones mentioned before, but are good trade-offs if you want a more elegant feel to your room. Of course pricing still may vary with embroidered fabrics, beaded ones, and the size of your window so do not forget to take these into account as well

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