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Decorating the Lawn with Landscaping Rocks

Many cool landscaping ideas you can apply to your garden. Today we will share tips to decorate a green home with rocks. Seeing the formation of rocks anywhere is very admirable, and it belongs to a wonder of nature. Now you can also turn your garden into a wonderful place. If you want to decorate your garden with rocks, we suggest you choose gravel, slate, sandstone, granite, and some other varieties. All of them are the most popular stones often used for landscaping. Sandstone is a type of rocks formed by the pressure of water. While it is actually so beautiful, you need to be careful because it’s easy to crumble.

Landscaping rocks varieties

What makes sandstone rocks popular is because people can choose the wide range of colors, ranging from brown, gold, white, etc. Another thing you need to know is the rocks are porous, making them easily destroyed by water. Limestone is another popular choice, and it also belongs to sedimentary rock. It’s a little different from sandstone, especially in terms color. You can find limestone in gray or white. It’s hard to find these landscaping rocks nowadays because they are not sold freely like the others. If you want to have ones, you’d better look for them in old gardens. When you use these rocks for landscaping, be careful because limestone is known for raising the pH.

White marble is also part of the decoration industry. Marble is closely linked to limestone. Its formation is affected by high temperatures. If you want to use it for landscaping, then you need to spend quite a lot of money because this stone is quite expensive. Marble is often used to make buildings, decorating interiors and exteriors, such as patios, terraces, etc. Granite is a hard stone which is very solid and strong. Granite may contain quartz and mica. These stones also come in so many colors, such as black, green, and white. You can use them to dress up your walkways, walls, and bolders.

Landscaping rocks colors

If you want to use a smooth type of landscaping rocks, slate may be good for you. When layers of mica are pressed down by the earth, the process will eventually result in slate. These rocks are strong and angular, available in some colors, such as purple, gray, and green.

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