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Different Curtain Styles

Depending on how you styled your curtains, you can make a really old and dusty seem bright and nice. The curtains tell the visitors you have what kind of people live in your home. This is one of the reasons women spend a lot of time picking which one’s the right color, style, shade and texture. Because making the first impression of your home matters heavily especially for those people you invite over. So if you’re expecting your in-laws over then you seriously need to consider picking which one amongst the many curtain styles you’re going to put up.

There are a lot of curtain styles to pick from it just depends on your taste and preference. But here are some tips on which curtain style might suit your home. First off, it’s all in the pleats. It’s up to you whether it’s the French pleat or the pencil pleat or slot pleat. Just pick one that doesn’t destroy the symmetry of your windows and walls. There are also puffball designs, which are a derivative of the pleats designs. Another thing to consider when looking at curtains styles is the shade and color of your curtain. You have to learn how to contrast colors with your wall thought don’t be afraid to buy different colors and get some of them wrong because, simply put, replacing your curtains are cheaper than replacing your wall color. Another thing you have to watch out for is texture. The texture of the cloth could make or break your curtain and house symmetry.

One of the last few important things you have to work with is the curtain’s color. People usually stay away from red curtains as they rarely give off a nice mood for people. Most of the time people go for bright colors to go with their curtain styles. This is because brighter colors bring a welcoming feel to a room.

4 Photos of the Different Curtain Styles

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