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Distinguishing Asian Design

When it comes to interior design and furniture trends, everyone seems to love Asian design. Whether it’s just in the living room or throughout the entire home, people are draw to its simplicity and the serenity and balance is brings forth. However, we can’t lump everything from the East together. There is Japanese design and Chinese design and both are very different. Before you commit to an Asian style, let’s talk about the differences.

Japanese style includes natural materials like bamboo, straw, and stone. Furniture is always low to the ground and sleek. Black, red, and dark browns are good colors for wood furniture. Wall colors include soft earth tones like green, brown, and gray. Sofas should be fabric and accent tables are often glass. Accent rooms with rice paper lamp shades, bamboo rugs, and statues of Buddha and dragons.

For Chinese decor, the colors are always bold and the furniture ornate. Red is the color of luck, so expect to incorporate a lot of red with yellow and green accents. Avoid black which represents bad luck and white which represents death. Decor pieces are often made of jade, porcelain, stone, and ivory. Furniture usually has several coats of lacquer, providing a high glossy finish. Two-door cabinets are popular accent pieces, often depicting landscape scenes or calligraphy.

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