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Elegant Pink Interior Design

Women in general like the color pink. No wonder then that associate this color with a feminine and romantic in females. Pink color in some countries is often used as a symbol of love on valentine day. In varying degrees of brightness pink color is located between red blue (purple) and red. And a bright pink color that can be used to create beautiful interiors, by making the stylish color scheme of white, yellow, green and neutral. Or it could also add red pink, purple, and gray to pink color scheme. Pink interior design is a great idea to beautify your space, because of the color pink will look more beautiful.


Pink interior design has the impression of a young, happy, and excited when the colors getting brighter. Conversely, if a dark color or pink color is more dominant will give the impression of sensual and smoldering, but not as aggressive as red. Because according to the impression that the red Puda is a symbol to evoke happiness. By using the color pink in daily life either on clothing or indoor place to move, physically will give some positive effects. Such as, stimulate energy, increase blood circulation and respiratory system, increasing heart rate and pulse, and also make more confident.

16 Photos of the Elegant Pink Interior Design

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