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Five Inexpensive Ideas for a Child’s Birthday Bash

It’s always an adventure when planning a child’s birthday bash. Unfortunately it is also often a hectic and expensive adventure. But not all amazing birthday events come with a hefty price tag, and indeed many can be had on a budget. Here are just a few ideas any parent can implement to ensure a fun and creative big day for their little loved one.

Have a Lego Party

All kids love Legos, and now it’s easier than ever to have a Lego-themed party. Most bakeries that offer sweets for kids often have products that are based on the popular children’s toy. These include everything from cakes and cookies to candies and cupcakes. Including a small gift bag with an individual Lego kit is another great way to ensure happy partygoers. An inexpensive final touch is to create themed games. One such example involves hanging a drawing of a Lego man on the wall and having blindfolded children play a “pin the tail”-type game by placing a number on the Lego man’s chest.

Creative ideas for decorating children's rooms.

Hire a face painter

There are few better ways to stoke the creativity of young minds than to offer a bit of visual stimulation. Kids love face painters because, oftentimes, the painters have a vast repertoire of designs that include cartoon characters, comic book heroes and even landscapes. Because a single face painter often costs between $100-$200 per hour, hiring one can be cost-prohibitive for many folks. Another option is to take the DIY approach. Simply buy some non-acrylic, non-toxic paints and draw some easy designs in a book or on paper. Have the children choose the design they like the most and get to work. This can be accomplished for around $15.

Make flipbooks

Those parents with some artistic flare can purchase blank flipbooks and use the party guests as their subjects, rendering them in pencil or ink. Those without the requisite drawing skills can opt to hire a flipbook service, much like hiring a photographer. These folks will come to a party with a mini-photo studio in tow, ready to take pictures of party guests against different backgrounds in a couple different poses. They’ll then use their system to whip up a brand new flipbook in a matter of minutes.

Consider stuffed animals

Having a “teddy bear”-themed party is a great idea that won’t break the bank. There are many retailers that sell inexpensive plush animals and teddy bears, often for around $5. Parents then arrange these gifts on the floor ready for when the guests arrive. A good idea is to round out this theme with animal cakes and candies, such as a bear birthday cake, bowls of gummy bears and animal-shaped cookies.

Go on a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are time-tested party activities that are always enjoyable. It is a perfect game for those considering a backyard party, one will keep the kids occupied for some time. The end prize doesn’t have to be an expensive one either. Most times a gift certificate or movie tickets will suffice. Parents can add to the overall fun by hiring a cotton candy machine for around $30.

These are just some ideas that parents can implement to ensure their child’s birthday bash is a successful one. Most importantly, parents should remember that they can create most party games themselves. This includes everything from beanbag tosses and sack races to mini-golf and memory games.

Sarah Rodriguez is a professional blogger that enjoys sharing her creative ideas for party and special event planning. She writes for PicFlips Flipbooks, the top photo booth rental service in Dallas TX.

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Creative ideas for decorating children's rooms.

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