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Furniture Trends

Furniture Trends: Go Outisde

If you haven’t already started shopping for outdoor furniture, you really should. Before you know it, all hot spot stores will be all sold out of your favorite pieces. So let’s discuss how to make the outside as chic as your home interiors NY. First, your outdoor furniture needs style. Treat it the same as you would the inside of your home. Choose from wicker, wood, wrought iron, or aluminum. What style do you want? Contemporary, traditional, modern, formal, or rustic?

Remember to keep it super comfortable. Go for deep cushions and plush lounge chairs. Who says outdoor furniture has to be as comfortable as school bleachers? When choosing furniture pieces, go for versatility and function. Many pieces are being designed with multi-functions in mind. You can find tables with drop leafs, storage benches, and chairs that will look just as fabulous inside as they do outside.

Turn the patio into a warm and inviting place with fire pits and decorative lighting. You don’t have to go for the tiki torch look either. Hanging lanterns and lamps can fit into any motif you choose. Just like the inside of your home, don’t forget to accessorize. Sculptures, fountains, and artwork can turn a boring patio into a beautiful new entertaining area. Browse furniture pictures to find your outdoor inspiration.

Furniture Trends: The Small Writing Desk

Sometimes I feel like the world is shrinking, or at least a lot of the gadgets and everyday items we use are. Although the TV screens are getting wider, they’re getting thinner. Tiny smart cars are becoming increasingly popular and many of our electronics are shrinking, especially the computer. Both laptops and desktops are taking up a lot less space on our desks, as well as the compact speakers and printers to go along with it. We even use paper and filing systems far less since everything is on the computer itself.

With these shrinking items comes the small desk. You want a functional desk, but there isn’t really a need for something upscale and large. If you have a laptop, why do you need something 5 feet long? I came across this intriguing compact desk by designer Tomoko Azumi, pictured above. Not only is this desk extremely compact, it has a ton of little compartments to store your electronics.

Obviously, if you have the new 27 inch iMac, this isn’t the desk for you. But chances are, most are sporting a laptop at home. If so, this is one furniture trends to follow. Like I mentioned last week in the Asian design post, simplicity and functionality are the key to design balance. So listen to this interior design magazine when we tell you to start thinking small!

19 Photos of the Furniture Trends

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