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Halloween Outdoor Decorations

The Holiday

I never was a big Halloween Decorator…I was mostly a Christmas Decorations guy when it came to decorating in the yard. But, one day decided to do some outdoor Halloween decorations.

This was mostly due to a lot of pressure from the children who were getting to that age.

So, I went out in the yard a couple of weeks before Halloween and tried to start decorating. I tried hanging some white sheets in the trees. I pulled the ladder out of the garage and started climbing.

I got a few sheets hung up from the tree limbs and tried to hang some lights. This was quickly becoming too much work for the results I was seeing.

My wife who was on the computer paying some bills had accidentally landed on a website that featured some Inflatable Halloween Decorations and Halloween Costumes. She called me inside to take a look.

Well it didn’t take much convincing for me. I was already aggravated with my tree climbing. We decided to order a couple of large outdoor inflatable decorations.

When the inflatable decorations arrived I immediately opened the packages and began my chore of yard decorations for Halloween.

To my surprise it was the easiest and quickest Holiday Decorations job I had ever done in my life. The inflatable yard decorations are beautiful too. People would drive by in their cars and slow down just to view them.

I simple pulled last years decorations from storage and quickly inflated them and also some new ones we bought this year. We like to buy a couple new inflatable holiday decorations each year.
These things are so quick and easy and they will last for years. It’s the only way to go for Outdoor Holiday Decorations. This year we are going to buy some outdoor inflatable Christmas decorations too.

Once you try Inflatable Decorations you’re going to love them.

26 Photos of the Halloween Outdoor Decorations

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