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Home Improvement Tips

If you use new furniture, fixture and tiles it will cost you a lot but by home improvement you can give an elegant look to the home as well as save your money also. Some easy steps are as follows:

1. Paint the tile

You have to paint your floor tile to get a colourful look. In bathroom you have to colour the bathtub as green and the walls with a light colour. The kitchen tiles must be deep in colour and the sink of both bathroom and kitchen is pink in colour. Paint the tiles of the living room also.

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2. Paint the old furniture

By robbing the wood furniture with the help of a sand paper, it can easily clean the stain on it. Then apply paints of dark colour and it will increase the durability of the furniture. Then paint the wooden portion in the staircase. Then paint the bed, wardrobe, coffee table, dining table and chairs also. Don’t forget about the doors and windows.

3. Paint the out-dated bathroom fixtures

If you buy the bathroom fixture, it will cost you some thousands. So to give a brand new look to the bathroom fixtures, you can wash it properly and then paint it. Like this way you can give a new look to the out-dated bathroom fixtures and it will again last for couple of year.

4. Paint the boring old walls

For removal of the stains first you have to rub the old wall out with the help of sand paper. Then apply putty to the cracking wall and the wall having stain. Then you can apply paints very smoothly. Colour the wallaccording to your zodiac sign or vasstu. The old and boring wall will convert to an elegant wall. Always choose light colour by which you will feel calm.

5. Paint the inside of the old cabinet

After removing the old colour, apply white putty to it. Then paint the inside of the cabinet with light colour and the door of the cabinet with dark colour. It will look pretty.

6. Create a feature wall

Using pain strips you can create a feature wall. Then by using wall hangings you can make it look better. If you don’t want to paint then by using of wall mates will also give a beautiful look to the old wall.

7. Spray paint on the light fixtures

If you buy the lights, it will cost you some thousands or more. But by help of spray paint you can give a nice look to your old light fixture. Light fixtures used in kitchen must be light coloured. But you can use dark colour for living room as well as bedroom. Use different spray colours to reflect your mood and add new freshness to your surroundings.

8. Spray paint to the doorknobs

Using different shades of spray paint to the doorknobs will give an elegant look to the doors. It will add a classy and sophisticated look to the house.

Without using new and costly furniture you can beautifully decorate your dream house. So follow the easy steps and see the magic.

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Lansing kitchen remodeling
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Home Improvement Tips For Your Los Angeles Realtor

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