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Incorporating Fabrics into Residential Interior Design

The use of fabrics in furniture, draping, carpeting, etc. can really add to the room. Texture adds a layer of sophistication and comfort that can’t be achieved by other design features. There are two subcategories of fabrics used in any design, but are vital for comfort specifically for residential interior design, and these subcategories are natural and synthetic. Each has their pros and cons and should be used accordingly.

Synthetics, for example, are durable and they resist wear and sun damage such as fading, but don’t be fooled; naturals have a texture unparalleled and can be quite durable as well dependent on the weave. Each synthetic has its purpose, some not so much for the home. Rayon is unpredictable in humidity so it’s not a smart choice for window treatments, especially in summer. Instead, a good option is a drapery with acetate. It’s long-wearing and not affected by humidity. It is also softer and won’t really wrinkle. Nylon is durable and great for stain prevention but it is not comfortable by any means. But, polyester blends are good for upholstery because they are more comfortable, just not as resilient.

As for natural fabrics in residential interior design, look for more versatile options. Cotton is one choice that is not only versatile but also very strong. It is easily dyed and keeps things cool because it allows air flow—this is what is meant when one says a fabric “breathes” well. It can be used in upholstery and curtains. Linen is used for its luster. It is stain resistant, but it also wrinkles too easily. It’s better for table coverings and bedding. Silk gets sun damaged very easily, but it is good for throw pillows. And lastly, wool has a long life when it comes to wear and tear, but it’s a bit hot and scratchy so it’s better in winter.

Choose the fabrics to enhance the room and to make it cozier and more comfortable aside from just beautiful.

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