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Industrial Curtains

As the name implies, the Industrial Curtains are curtains for use in industrial areas and premises. Industrial Curtains come in different categories depending upon the functions such as Air Curtains, Acoustic Curtains, and Soundproof Curtains, among others. The traditional Industrial Curtains serve the purpose of blocking dust from the air inside the factories. Most of the Industrial Curtains are made from plastic materials. PVC striped curtains are also very popular for windows and doors of industries.

Some of the industries have specific requirements depending upon the type of manufacturing process and the materials produced in the factories. Air Curtains is one of the types of Industrial Curtains that finds extensive applications in various types of factories and industries. Welding Curtains, Ribbed Curtains, Welding Screens, Strip Curtains, Motorized Industrial Curtains and Safety Light Curtains are some of the commonly used Industrial Curtains all over the world in various types of industries, factories, workshops and warehouses.

Plastic Curtains in Enterprises

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Plastic Curtains in Enterprises

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