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Inspirational Children Room by STUDIO OINK

Inspirational Children room in Wiesbaden designed by Studio Oink offering a spacious room for playing studying sleeping and ofcourse dreaming. As we know to make children room in “order” it sometimes a bit difficult to do.

Chidren creativity and activity in their room sometimes also create a big mess, this inspirational design by Studio Oink maybe a solution. The design not only cheerfull but ofcourse combined with the functional things and spacious storages.

For two little girls at the age of three to five years, a friendly children room with as much storage space should be planned and implemented. To give the children a feeling of privacy, a “House” in the room was built. Now consists of the space in the “outdoor”, where children hang up their coats and their school bags stowed in the long bench, and height-adjustable desk do their “duties” can, as well as in the “play and sleep area”, in which they together on their stage play rather relax alone in their bunks.


Every child has his own retreat, but together they can withdraw behind the Grand facade, consisting of old Windows, and escape from the adult world. The spacious wardrobe, as well as the children’s beds, was a desire of parents into the new space; and so they were incorporated into the spacious built-in wardrobe design.

The old cabinet was framed and now resembles a passage in a hidden world of fantasy. Bright and cool wall colors were chosen to give more distance approx. 20 sqm room. Indirect lighting enhances this effect.

Find a special place by small window sills on the window wall and shelf wall bed and beautiful pieces and everything else disappears into the generous fittings. Their children room now offers a lot of space for lots of creative ideas from small curious child.

Studio Oink founder are Lea Korzeczek and Matthias Hiller, they are also Creative Director of STUDIO OINK. The balanced blend of functionality and poetry of clarity and playful are the concept of their design to develop individual spatial concepts, in the public and private sectors, of the classic interior design up to the fancy unimaginable.

The two brilliant creative directors are works with the objects arrangement and art, and the result of their works are trendy and also functional.

1 Photos of the Inspirational Children Room by STUDIO OINK


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