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Interior Design Trends 2016

First Interior Design Trends 2016

Kitchen Remodeling: New Trends

Plan on doing some kitchen remodeling soon? Then you have to hear about some of these new trends from your Interior Design!

Free-standing furniture: More and more people are spending a lot of time in their kitchens and don’t want to be fixed into continuous counters. Try free-standing countertops and other pieces of furniture to give you space.

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Artistic features: The art isn’t just in your living room anymore. Look for artistic range hoods and creative backsplashes.

Green living: It’s always hip to be green, but now you have a lot more choices than energy efficient dishwashers. Choose from green flooring to furniture to lighting.

Organic Shapes: Modern is all about straight edges and lines, but the new trend is for organic shapes. Round shapes are both visually pleasing and promote a more natural flow of the kitchen.

Asian Styles: Asian influence is no passing fad. Everyone needs a little zen in their lives and it’s entering the kitchen. Try bamboo-looking furniture and sliding pantry drawers.

Technology: High tech gadgets include more than just your cellphone and tablet computer. We have smart ovens that you can program from your computer. Don’t be left in the past with old appliances and cooking tools.

Interior Design Trends 2016: Be Daring with Black

Using black in your interior design is always a bold and powerful choice. Just like every woman needs a little black dress, every home needs a little splash of black. However, it’s easy to turn daring and dramatic into dark and creepy. Too much black and people will start to wonder if you’re secretly part of the Addams family. Here are a few ways to utilize black in your home from Interior Design Magazine:

If you need to make a small room feel larger, darker shades can actually accomplish this because room lines will disappear. Black will make wood grain stand out.

Don’t want black furniture? Try a black floor instead. A black granite floor will look great in a kitchen, and if you do prefer cherry wood furniture, it will blend beautifully with a black stained floor. Pair it with white to brighten up the look a bit.

If you don’t want the room or furniture to look so dark, add a touch of blue to the paint and this will create a midnight blue shade instead.

For those brave enough to paint one wall black, make sure you add bright and colorful artwork to the wall.

Black makes a wonderful accent, so instead of buying all black furniture, try a black coffee table or black dining room chairs.

9 Photos of the Interior Design Trends 2016

Latest interior design trends living room 2016
Interior design Bathroom trends 2016
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