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Large fire pit for patio

  • On January 10, 2016
  • Large fire pit will be a nice solution to fill the emptiness in the middle of the patio. As you know, you could get money benefits from a fire pit. It is not only a circle with the heat, but it can be a good additional thing for your patio. Of course, having a patio will make your house cozier than ever, and you could also create a new atmosphere on your patio. There are many kinds of style that you could have for the patio. For example, you could have vintage, modern, or minimalist style for the patio. Therefore, you have to fit the fire pit with the patio style, and make it seem compatible.

    How to Create Large Fire Pit

    You have to do several steps to create a fire pit. You should probably prepare the materials firstly. It depends on what the main material is. For your information, there several main materials that are commonly used for fire pit, such as, rock, concrete, steel, and brick. For the steel, you could just buy a movable one without creating the base. Besides, you could buy a kind of pan steel, and plant it to the ground. For the other material, you need to create it into your patio. Firstly, you need to decide whether you want to make high fire pit, or planted fire pit. If you want to create the high one, you just need to make the materials into a big circle. For a large pit, the diameter is between 1 up to 2 meters.

    For the planted fire pit, you should dig the ground firstly, and make a hole between 1 up to 2 meters. After that you could start creating the pit with the materials. You should not forget to make a layer as the base. You could use the concrete or put flat steel in it.

    19 Photos of the Large fire pit for patio

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