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Log cabin designs for beginner

Log cabin designs are really important. You need to design your log cabin well in order to make your stay inside the log cabin more conformable. There is no point in having a log cabin if it is not comfortable. A good log cabin can make your holiday more enjoyable. The well designed log cabin also can increase your mood.

Comfortable Log Cabin Designs with Nature Theme

First thing to do, you must make sure about the amount of people that can be stay inside the log cabin. Then, build the room according to it. You can only build one big room for all of the people to stay together or you can build two or three smaller rooms to give more privacy for your family member. Do not forget about the rest room. Good log cabins usually has the rest room inside the cabin, not located separated from the main building. If the rest room built outside the log cabin, it will give lots of trouble, especially if your family member has urgent natural call in the midnight.

Second, use natural wood to build your log cabin. This can cost you fairly high, but, if you can find the right wood distributor, you can reduce the cost. Choose the woods that do not easily absorb moisture. Also, you must cover it with special paint that can repel termites. Log cabin will attract termites easily. Termites can cause your wood deteriorate in quick time. If you want, you can also use the paint that repels fungi. But the most important is the one that can repel termites.

As the finishing touch, you can put lots of plants around your log cabin. Use pots because you will be able to change the plant location. You can also put flowers inside the pot to decorate your log cabin.

20 Photos of the Log cabin designs for beginner

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