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Monolithic and Geodesic Dome Home Design

If you want a residence that looks green and fresh, then you should try the dome home design. This eco-friendly home design has a shape like a half of ball lying on the ground. From the artistic point of view, of course, the design is very attractive. There are 2 types of dome home designs that you need to know. Monolithic Dome is the first in our discussion today. This is a permanent structure. The main benefit of this concept is it can really save energy. So if efficiency is your main principle when building a house, then this might be a solution. You can make a dome home design using Home Design Software.

Monolithic Dome Home Design

Compared to conventional houses, dome homes are more resistant to disasters, such as earthquakes. Besides, they have a unique and artistic shape. There are many reasons why people prefer this style. Aside from taking advantage of the efficiency and the strange-looking design, it is also known to have very good endurance. These houses can survive storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, and others. This design can last longer because it’s not rotting and safe from bugs. Monolithic means one piece. If you build

There are various kinds of materials often used to build dome homes, such as concrete, wood, metal, etc. Another style is a geodesic dome homes. In contrast to the previous design, this one is made of many pieces joined together to create a building. One example of this design is the Icosohedron, a building consisting of 20 identical sides. To create a geodesic home, you have to make some triangular panels. When constructing the building, all those triangular panels will be connected to form a house.

Geodesic Dome Home Design

Compared to the previous design, a geodesic home should get special care. It is to ensure that the struts and hubs are still strong and not damaged. This design has been proven to be sturdy that can withstand earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. This design is also efficient on energy consumption.

18 Photos of the Monolithic and Geodesic Dome Home Design

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