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Net Curtains

The Beauty of Net Curtains.

Ever since the 1700′s net curtains have been a common sight in many homes. This type of curtain provided a good level of privacy for the many people who used them. The net curtains from England were made of lace that was woven from cotton, wool or silk. And at one time, curtains that were made of silk lace were classed as exotic and very much sought after by many people even though they were considered to be much more expensive than several other materials.

During the time of the 20th century when man began producing synthetic fabrics, these curtains were usually made of polyester. Net curtains have always brought a nice unique touch to the home, but can be used for other things besides windows. Such as surroundings for beds, and in doorways where they provided some privacy and could also be used to prevent insects from entering their homes, and in some cases, also created an air of being upperclass.

Here are some guidelines for buying net curtains.

Net curtains are very good for reducing glare. The cloth used in this type of curtain is very light, which will let air pass through while minimizing the amount of glare. Choosing the right curtain for a certain window can be a little difficult, but there are some simple ways that are guaranteed to help any would-be buyer as to which one is best. When looking for a curtain that matches your needs, the first thing you need to look at is the type of cloth that can be used. Net curtains can be made out of ordinary linen, cotton, silk, satin, and other material. But the thing to look for that really sets them apart is the density.

Net curtains are made of a screen-like or mesh type material and can also be made from lace. You can find a large variety of this type of curtain in many stores that sell house furnishings, and can come in different sizes and shapes. The three main ones are cafe, voile and jardiniere. The drop on a net curtain are not quite as rigid as regular ones, and therefore it would not matter if they were a little longer or shorter than the window. Because the net curtains are so delicate, it is a good idea to have the nets hemmed to prevent them from fraying.

Voile curtains first originated in England, but today they are made just about everywhere in the world, mostly in China, Turkey and Eastern Europe. The Voile curtain is known to be a very fine, transparent material. The Voile nets can be embroidered with different decorations, but in many cases are left just plain to show their fine weave pattern.

Cafe curtains are normally used in kitchens, but can be used just about anywhere in the house as they will look fine no matter where you hang them. You could also use decorative curtain poles to enhance their appearance.

Jardiniere are full length window curtains that are shaped in such a way so there is an arch located in the middle which allows you to see through part of the window, but at the same time still covering a large part of the window as to maintain your privacy. Net curtains have always been quite popular over the years and still seem to carry on the tradition today.

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