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New York Interior Design

A Little Feng Shui for Your New York Interior Design

A little feng shui never hurts one’s NYC interior design. Feng shui is all about balancing your chi and making sure it flows properly throughout your home. The feng shui of each room is different, but the rules about mirrors are very important. Today we’ll just talk about your bedroom –the most important room.

The bedroom is your sanctuary, so peaceful chi is important. Use a strong headboard to ensure that your chi is protected while you sleep. Never place a mirror across from the bed and avoid your bedroom doubling as an office with computers or televisions in it. Work furniture and accessories need to be separated so that you can promote rest. A bedside table on either side of the bed promotes stability.

In terms of lighting, keep it soft. Again, we want to remain calm. Also avoid a ceiling fan directly above the bed. Any artwork and paintings should be happy and peaceful ones. Happy images will promote that same mentality in your life. Also try keep the windows open as much as possible to allow fresh air in. When they need to be closed, use an air purifier.

Even if you’re not one for feng shui, home interior magazines agree that the bedroom should not be cluttered and “busy” looking. A serene room equals a serene life.

Brooklyn’s Interior Design NY Secret

It seems that all of a sudden Brooklyn is really cool. Why? Is it the tight-jeans wearing urban farmers? Is it the thousands of artists and creatives who call it home? Is it the still affordable real estate?

Maybe. But one of the biggest reasons that Brooklyn is cool is it doesn’t care what Manhattan is doing. It shows everywhere – from the interior design NY to the green-roofed skyline and the penchant for fresh herbs. The lifestyle in neighborhoods like DUMBO, Boerum Hill, and even Williamsburg is about simplicity and making the best of what’s available. Brooklynites don’t vie for new space, they’re protective about the space they already have. And because there is more space, furniture trends larger, rooms more open, and ceilings higher. So that a simple, affordable loft looks like it belongs in home interior magazines with the help of some heavy drapes, mod accessories, and contemporary chairs.

And when Brooklynites are tired of being in home interior magazines, they can take advantage of new restaurants, a burgeoning art scene, and remodeled parks. And did I mention the great views of Manhattan? That is, if you want to look west.

Interior Design NY: Arranging Furniture

You’ve been following all the latest furniture trends and have all the pieces you want in your living room, but trying to figure out the arrangement feels more like a game of Tetris or a bad jigsaw puzzle. It’s just not working, or perhaps it just looks plain and boring. Hopefully you took all the required measurements before you went out and bought that furniture. Pieces that are too large or too small will just make your job a heck of a lot harder. Furniture needs to be appropriate for the size of the room.

The scale of the items is important. If you want a serene and calm room, the pieces should be more similar in scale. A balance of different heights, widths, and depths will create a harmonious room. You also need both asymmetry and symmetry. Symmetry promotes rest, while asymmetry creates motion. One trick for furniture arranging is triangulation. A perfect example is placing two end tables on either side of a sofa and a painting above the sofa.

Remember that not everything has to go up against the wall and form perfect lines. You are allowed to angle that side chair. Before you waste a day arranging and rearranging, take out a piece of paper and sketch out a few different designs. Browse furniture pictures to get inspiration. Don’t expect to get it right the first time and don’t be afraid to change it up every once in awhile.

Williamsburg, Arguably the Capital of New York Interior Design

One of the main reasons Brooklyn is great is its transportation. Downtown Brooklyn is one subway stop away from downtown Manhattan. So is Williamsburg. Three stops away from Union Square, this community is arguably the center for furniture trends in all of New York interior design.

Rival neighborhoods DUMBO and Park Slope don’t have the same youthful allure that makes Williamsburg such a great destination for tourists and city adventurers alike. The real estate on the brand-new East River Park means that the nearby condos have some of the best views of the Manhattan skyline in the entire borough. Sure, the bars and cafes attract plenty of young folks, but the food is raved about too. Fatty ‘Cue underneath the Williamsburg bridge was named one of the New York Times’ 10 Best Restaurants of the Year last year. And Zagat-rated restaurants line Bedford Ave’s surrounding area.

Many of the emerging arts are also centralized in North Brooklyn. From street art to furniture making, the neighborhood has a plethora of artists and galleries. Artists & Fleas is an artist, designer and vintage market open every weekend, and is well worth your time. They have clothing, baked goods, and furniture trends with designers on the scene. Who knows what discoveries you will make when exploring the ins and outs of this hip neighborhood?

20 Photos of the New York Interior Design

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