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Outdoor Patio Covers

When it comes to choosing outdoor patio covers, most people think of wood. Wood is a naturally beautiful product and once it is kept in good condition can look fantastic. But therein lies the problem. Wood requires regular maintenance. It has to be repainted usually at least on an annual basis and must be repaired as soon as damage appears. It can crack or splinter in extremes of temperature such as during a very hot summer or a cold winter and it can be difficult to prevent warping if you live in an area prone to wet weather. If you suffer a lot of humidity it can cause wood to rot.

What alternative materials can be used for outdoor patio covers?

Instead of wood you could use steel or aluminium. Both of these products have been improved upon in recent years and are fast becoming a popular alternative to wood. With the busy lives most people are leading, they like the fact that there is very little maintenance associated with these products. While they may not have the natural beauty of wood, they can be designed to make the most of these materials. Once they have been treated properly they require little or no maintenance. You also have more freedom as they are less of a fire risk than wood or canvas if you are using an outdoor fireplace or grill.

You can buy steel or aluminium kits but before you start errecing an outdoor patio cover you must check local building regulations to see if you are allowed. Usually outdoor awnings made from material can be set up without causing any problems. But some building control officers will object to the more permanent structures you install when using wood, steel or aluminium. It is best to check first as you do not want to waste your time or money. You also need to be sure your home can support the weight of any new structure you set up.

Why set up an outdoor pergola or gazebo?

There are a number of reasons why you would want to set up an outdoor pergola or gazebo in your backyard. The most obvious one is the fact that spending time out in nature is a great remedy for stress caused by our busy lives. Using your outdoor space to provide you with more room at home is a great idea. You get to enjoy nature and spend time with your family and it is much healthier than leaving the kids indoors watching TV.

3 Photos of the Outdoor Patio Covers

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