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Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

If you have invested in garden furnishing then an outdoor patio furniture cover should be next on your list of purchases. Patio furniture is expensive and not something you want to have to replace too often. By taking care of your furnishings you can preserve them helping your investment to last for years. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions i.e. stain the wood if recommended and follow the storage care guide.

Measure your outdoor patio furniture a few times!

When picking the right type of cover you will need to be careful to measure your furniture so you can pick the right size. It pays to measure up a couple of times so you don’t waste your time or money buying unsuitable items. You want covers that protect the furniture against the elements and also wear and tear. Therefore it is important to select the right fit. Some people think that they can just throw an old sheet over the pieces and hope for the best. With a little bit of wind, this covering will blow away leaving your furniture exposed. Yu need covers that not only fit well but are also designed for use in the climate you live in. If you live in a very humid area you will want to choose mesh covers to keep the air flowing between the furniture and the protective covering. Otherwise you are just inviting an attack of mold.

Will outside furniture cover patio umbrellas do the job?

The short answer to this question is no! Patio umbrellas are great at providing some shade on hot sunny days but while they protect an area of the table from the sun’s rays they do not usually provide sufficient protection for the entire patio set. Generally they are unsuitable for use in the rain and when it is windy they should be folded down. So by all means add a patio umbrella to your furniture set but use it properly.

2 Photos of the Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

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