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Outdoor Table Cover

If you have yet to invest in an outdoor table cover you should put it on your shopping list today. It is amazing how often people will spend a lot of money on their patio furniture only to leave it at the mercy of the elements when the weather changes. It doesn’t matter if the pieces you bought were described as weather resistant or not. Well made and beautifully crafted furniture may be resistant to most bad weather but it certainly doesn’t hurt to give them added protection by putting on a table cover.

But it isn’t just the weather that you have to worry about. If you are going to be eating at your outdoor table it makes sense to protect the wood or plastic from damage by first covering the table. It can also add atmosphere to a meal if you are celebrating a special occasion or just enjoying a romantic evening for two.

What type of outdoor table cover?

Outdoor furniture covers come in a range of materials. The type that you choose will depend on your budget, where you live and your personal taste. If you live in an area of extreme temperatures and own expensive patio furniture set you may want to store them in the garage for the winter months.

The type of cover you buy will depend to a large extent on the shape and size of the table. You can buy an outside table cover that ties underneath which are helpful as it stops the wind blowing them away. You still need to pick the right size as if it is too big, the wind will go under the cover and may generate sufficient force to blow the furniture piece over. Alternatively you can buy the ones that are a perfect fit for the furniture piece and hope that they do not shrink.

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