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Recognizing the types of brick patio patterns

  • On January 10, 2016
  • Brick patio patterns nowadays come up in different and various styles. The exploration of creativity brings you to the condition where you can mix and match different materials in an area. So does patio. Commonly brick pattern patio is made from bricks. But, as the time pass, it comes with pavement, concrete or pebble dashed stones combination in order to prettify the appearance of the patio as the exterior feature. Brick patterns for your patio are various. Pick one of them which are suitable with the size of your patio, the space and place, and of course you need and all the supported factors.

    Choosing brick patio patterns

    There are various types of brick patio patterns. The simplest one is stack bond. It is the common type which is used by a lot of patios around the world. The installation is just arranging the bricks in horizontal or vertical arrangement. Yes, it looks monotone and doesn’t have any art. But for those who want modern theme in minimalist style outdoor, this pattern is quiet symmetric to consider.

    The second popular pattern is basket weave. It is not as simple as stack bond. The arrangements of the bricks consist of two formations; upright and parallel. There are a set of bricks arranged up right and then a set of bricks are arranged parallel. The result is quiet pretty for any exterior purpose. It is not too sophisticated yet it is not too simple. This type is the middle one you can choose.

    The sophisticated style comes up when in circular or semi-circular which is combined with other materials. It needs perfect measurement and work in details. From the upper outlook, it seems like just arranging the bricks around. Nevertheless, it combines good color, composition, and shape to be a beautiful pattern.

    14 Photos of the Recognizing the types of brick patio patterns

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