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Residential Interior Design and Doors

We may not think much about doors when we are considering residential interior design. We think about everything inside a particular room; furniture, artwork, paint and flooring. But the door that leads us into these rooms are the first impression to anyone moving from room to room in the house. You can make a real statement with the right door choice.
When looking at residential interior design, look at your doorways. Some may accommodate larger french doors, which can be a beautiful choice for leading in to the dining room or into a den or living room space. Curtains on the windows of the doors will provide privacy, but lift them back and you let people know they are welcome to join what is going on in the next room.
Ornate doors will be noticed by everyone who enters your home. You can’t walk past a beautiful wooden door without making a comment or two! And don’t think you are limited to wood; there are plenty of inspiring interior door ideas for your home if you do a search or check out interior design magazines. They can become the centerpiece of your room, something to build the rest of your theme around!

13 Photos of the Residential Interior Design and Doors

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