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Residential Interior Design Tips: Choosing the Color Scheme by Room

It is a subconscious effect, the way color affects our mood. With the right color, a room can enhance our feelings of well-being and happiness, affect the way we perceive temperature, and transform our perception of space and blocking. Color can nullify or enhance extremes in positive ways to give the most comfortable experience, which is the reason it is important to consider it carefully with your residential interior design renovations.

Plot out the color scheme based on the room, and the lighting in each room– both natural and electric—so that you take advantage of the space. Things to consider are:

– What room and its location
– How the will windows affect the shading
– The purpose of the room: relaxation or fun

Lighting design residential

Bathrooms, bedrooms and other resting spaces like the study need revitalizing colors. They should be calming and neutral; the space should feel open and safe, not claustrophobic or entrapping. Don’t generalize colors by the base, but by the hue. Electric blue is not as soothing as a pastel or ocean blue.
Activity rooms should be vibrant; select a group of colors that excite and energize. You can feel free to be bolder with your selection in this kind of space because it should fun and uplifting. Warm tones are welcoming.

Kitchens and dining rooms should feel clean (this also applies to bathrooms). Whites, off-whites, greys, blacks and other monotone grayscale make maintenance easy. They’re also a way to play with smaller space making them feel bigger. And, you can accent them with practically any color on the spectrum so that there’s some liveliness.

These are just some design 101 tips for residential interior design that you can incorporate into your home to improve mood.

12 Photos of the Residential Interior Design Tips: Choosing the Color Scheme by Room

Lighting design residential

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