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Special Craft This Week DIY Tetrapack Star Lamp

Special Craft This Week DIY Tetrapack Star Lamp by Maryam Lauenroth. It´s recycling time folks ! Special for this week I made a star lamp from tetrapack, the inside of this tetrapack have a silver colour so that´s perfect to make a star, looks like it is made from metal.

And here´s the tutorial that I made just for you

What you will need :

  • 5 tetrapacks (I was used milk tetrapacks)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Christmas mini lamp
  • Cutter or scissor

First of all make the tetrapack flat, and cut away the top and the bottom of it, then cut it into half so you get them flat like a paper, clean it with warm water and dish soap, then dry it with a towel.

Next step you have to make pattern, as you see in this photo, I was made the pattern on newspaper and cutted it.

Then copy this pattern on your tetrapacks, you have to make it double, side by side, and the result as you seen in these photos below.

Cut along the out lines, make also creases along dashed lines then fold them, you can also use a ruler like I did to make it right to the line that I want to fold, then pressed it with the scissor holder to get the nice clean edge.

Cut along the crease but not to break it up, remove a small part of the crease, this is important when you come to the next step to close up one part and another. The result like you seen in these pictures.

Then make holes using your scissor or cutter, you can direct cut it like I did or you can first draw on back of the tetrapack then cut it later.

You might be can´t use a machine paper cutter to make holes in it, as you know tetrapack a bit thick than a normal papers, but if you have this machine at home, ofcourse you can try it first on other rest of tetrapack that you have, if you get clean cut, you can go for it.

The last step is attach all the parts using your hot glue gun, why hot glue gun ? I was tried with the double tape to attach all the parts, but unfortunatelly double tape is not strong enough to keep it all together, it was cracked, so that´s why I choose hot glue gun. And don´t forget to put your mini christmas lamp inside , then make all close together.

And here are the result for my DIY Tetrapack Star Lamp

Hope you enjoy this tutorial and make one for yourself or as a gift to your family and friend, also please check out our other DIY Ideas for your inspiration. Love Light Peace, Go Green and Happy Crafting !!!

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