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The Beauty of French Country Decorating

Using a classic design to build a house would create a refreshing atmosphere. French Country decorating is the right choice for you because it has an elegant look and is inspired by the rustic theme. The style often uses beautiful flowering fields. The warm atmosphere created welcomes anybody coming into your house. This design is famous for combining traditional and contemporary elements. As we know, both styles make a comeback this year. To adopt this style thoroughly, you can start by choosing a French color palette.

French Country Decorating palette

Each design comes with its distinctive patters. A color palette for French decorating is green and the shades. Green is a natural color that symbolizes trees and leaves. Yellow is also a great color to choose because it can evoke joy. Yellow is identical to flowers. Another good palette is a combination of orange and red. There are so many colors that you can use to decorate your home. If it was not enough, you can choose other colors such as brown, gray, and beige. All these colors are often used to decorate stone walls in France.

Choosing the right furnishings is another concern. Furnishings should be made of wood or wrought iron as both reflect French antique furniture. There are so many types of wood to choose from, but mahogany is the most favorite even though it’s so pricey. Finding French furniture is not difficult in this day and age. You can use the Internet to find stores selling such furniture. If you can’t find one, choose furniture that has a distressed and vintage look. People often refer to it as shabby chic furniture.

French Country Decorating furniture

The furniture is supposed to be speckled, cracked, and aged to reinforce the character of this style. You can hunt for furniture at thrift shops as well. You can also combine it with Modern Home Furniture a little bit. Now we will tell appropriate decorations for this design. Whatever detail you want to add to your home, don’t forget to finish with floral and farm accents. Try linens and upholstery with vintage or animal motifs. Another characteristic is the lily flower. Use it for the majority of decor then people will easily recognize your home as French style home.

Well, that’s all about French Country Decorating.

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