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The benefits of having lava rock landscaping

  • On January 10, 2016
  • Lava rock landscaping is an alternative way of avoiding weeds at your yard or garden. Lava rock is kind of rock which is formed from magma, and it is called basalt. These rocks are easy to find in the entire world because they the products of volcano. People use lava rocks to decorate and fill their landscaping. Lava rock has beautiful natural color which is generally in three types; red, black or dark blue green. Because of the various color provided, many people use them as fill, edge, decorative liners and path. Instead of using colorful plants and vegetation to make pretty effect and gradation into your landscaping, lava rocks are much more inexpensive and easy to maintain.

    Other things you can benefit from lava rock landscaping

    Lava rocks are permanence, strong and durable. It is not removable like mulches. Therefore, installing this once, you don’t need to replace it anymore. It is because lava rock is made of basalt rock. This rock is not also able to be faded. The natural color will keep remaining the same.

    Not only decorative purposes, lava rock also can help you to suppress weed. You just need to spread away the lava rocks on the top of the soil. Keep in mind that don’t let the soil cover the lava rocks. It can cause the root of the weeds grows at the soil surface of the rocks.

    If you are type of person who really love practicality and simplicity, lava rock is your only one choice. It is really easy to maintain. As stated before, it also doesn’t need to replace because of the strength. In addition, lava rock moistures the soil. It means that you don’t need to do watering too much. From these simplicity offered, do you fall in love with lava rocks?

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