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The benefits of travertine pool deck

  • On January 10, 2016
  • Travertine pool deck is one of the paving types for your outdoor outlook. Travertine is a kind of natural stones. It usually has holes in the body or appearance because of the formation of carbon dioxide. The natural color of this stone is pastel or soft pale brown. Travertine becomes popular as outdoor purposes like fireplace, walls, stairs, steps, path, driveway or deck and patio. The natural color is the reason why people use this one as pavement or deck rather than concrete or common paving. The use of travertine deck gives your outdoor ambience an ancient Rome or Mediterranean era.

    Why do we have to install travertine pool deck?

    Travertine stone is cooler rather than other natural stones. This is really useful to be installed as your exterior décor. The climate and weather change sometimes make your deck hotter. While you exploring your deck with bare feet, it is more comfortable. Even, your pool deck can be cooler because of the ability of travertine in absorbing water. Don’t be afraid of slippery. It is not like tile in your bathroom.

    When it comes to the damage or broken condition, other materials might show difficulties in replacing or repairing. Travertine is not. It is really easy to be replaced and repaired because this kind of stone is really removable. Here you can draw conclusion that the installation also is a piece of cake. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that travertine is easy to break. For your information, travertine is so durable and strong.

    If you calculate well, actually having travertine deck is much more effective for your budget. Comparing with limestone of course, it is really affordable. You also do not need to add color and scheme because the pale pastel is the natural color. It will not be faded for sun light and rain.

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