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The best wood for building deck stairs

  • On January 10, 2016
  • Building deck stairs can be a little tricky for people who don’t work as a carpenter. The most common trouble in the beginning of the building process is in choosing the right wood as the material. If we are choosing the totally wrong wood, the stair that we will be built will turn into the dangerous one. The stairs will not last for a long time and can be bent when we walk above it. The worst is the stairs can be collapsed and cause injury.

    Cedar Wood as Material for Building Deck Stairs

    Using cedar wood is surely the best choice for the material of your deck stair. Not only it has long lifespan, it also has natural beauty appearance for your stairs. The cedar wood has the lifespan around 20 or 25 years. This long lifespan is mainly caused from the cedar wood feature that does not easily absorb moisture from the environment around it. The woods that can easily absorb moisture are more fragile and can be broke more easily compared to those which have high resistance to moisture. It is because the moisture will give bad effects to the woods. It can make the woods twisted. In some extreme level, the moisture can also make the woods split.

    The cedar woods also have beautiful color. You do not need to repaint it since it already has nice natural color. Even if it already a wood with natural beauty, you still need to give it a wood seal to help maintain its beauty. Clean it every day so the dust will not piled up on your stairs. Once per two years, you may need to reseal your cedar wood deck stairs. The price of cedar wood is also not really on the high level of price. Cedar wood is cheaper compared to composite. It is really affordable.

    19 Photos of the The best wood for building deck stairs

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