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The Characteristics of Spanish Style Homes

Spanish style homes are elegant and beautiful. Everybody will feel comfortable in a house decorated with this style. The center of attention of this style is the use of architectural details. You should also pay attention to other elements, such as textures, colors, and materials to assert the Spanish feel in your home. The sophistication is something that should be highlighted, just like Southwestern Home Design. but you also need to maintain warmth and an authentic feel.

Colors of Spanish style homes

To get started, you can begin with choosing a backdrop. It includes the use of warm colors, such as yellow and red. The lighter colors can be position at the base, and the darker hues are on top. If you want your home to look more traditional, you can give more texture to the stucco. It’s not difficult to recognize Spanish style homes. Just see what tiles are a home used. If you see tiles are hand-painted and have a rich of color combinations, then the home is designed with Spanish style. The tiles make the atmosphere more lively and colorful.

Another type of decor that can be used to identify the style is interior doorways. You’ve probably seen some sort of cut-outs on the walls. They’re part of this home decorating style. You also need to position the ceilings a bit high because it is a reflection of the style. When you get into a Spanish home, you will also notice that the beams used to decorate the ceilings look so exposed. As with other styles, it is very important for you to choose the right materials that represent this style. You can try woven tapestries because they are very popular in this design.

Ornaments for Spanish style homes

Pottery is also another good idea. Any pottery, mainly made of terra-cotta is a great addition to your home. It evokes the traditional vibe as well as warm atmosphere. Spanish style homes look traditional, but you can’t use traditional elements too heavily. Just see images on the internet to give you a clue about the look of Spanish homes. Notice how those homes are decorated and see the ornaments and accessories on the interiors and exteriors.

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