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The Design Of The Newborn’s Room

The beautiful design of a nursery for a newborn baby

If your family is expecting the addition, the time will be right to reflect on the design of the newborn’s room. It would be perfect to make the baby’s nursery from scratch to your liking from the beginning to the end. You can embody all your design fantasies: hang new wallpapers with children’s patterns or refresh the colour of the walls with paint, replace a floor or make an extra covering from above. Of course, you can simply transform one of the ordinary rooms into the nursery by placing baby furniture and adding the corresponding décor there. Such a variant of the arrangement the nursery will be suitable if you are short of money, or still have not decided on the nursery’s design, or because the accommodation has a temporary character.  If there is no separate space for a newborn in your house, you can arrange the corner of a common room for the child. In this case, be ready to have a rest when the child is resting, or you would not have any quiet minute for yourself.

The Basic rules of the Nursery Design

How do equip the newborn’s nursery? Basic rules how to arrange the newborn baby’s room properly are as follows.

Natural Materials
The main principle of the design of the nursery is to provide comfort and safety! Child’s room differs from any other space; after all it is the place for the baby who has just born! Hence, creating the nursery, do not forget that all materials should be environmentally friendly.

It is desirable to hang wallpapers made only from paper as this is the most harmless kind. Another option, use the most eco-friendly paint. But this should be done with enough extra time in advance to be sure that any hint of smell is absent from the moment when a baby starts living there. As for flooring, wood is the best choice for the child’s room.

Plus, we do not recommend having carpets and synthetic curtains in the nursery. They will collect dust and make more difficult the daily wet cleaning in the baby’s room. Our advice it is a refusal from carpets and a selection of natural fabrics for curtains.

Proper Lighting
Then, you need to take care of the most suitable lighting in the newborn’s nursery. If its windows face north, there will be not enough light during the day in the child’s room. So, it’s the least appropriate choice for the baby’s room. As for artificial lighting, a chandelier on a ceiling provides only general lighting. But it is very important to have dimmed lighting in the newborn’s room during the evenings and at nighttime.

You need to solve this issue beforehand to be ready for the situation when you need to attend to the child repeatedly during the night as newborns usually require. So, if you have a nightlight, you don’t need to grope your way to a child in the dark or use general lighting. Neither you nor your baby will like the sudden bright illumination in the middle of the night! Moreover, the sharp change of lighting is even harmful for health.

Nothing Superfluous
On the whole, the newborn’s room has to be arranged simply and tidily, and equipped only with necessary items. Obviously, you can easily and quickly clean up the room which isn’t littered with many superfluous things, especially on exposed surfaces as a floor and a table

The Design of the Newborn’s Room: More Detailed Recommendations

The design of the newborn’s room means the creation of a special world where the baby will live and grow, will play and learn since the first days of his life.  Therefore, the design should be special too. Allow us to give you more detailed recommendation after our general review above.

Hues of Colours

We start with the colours of the nursery walls. Choose pastel and light hues. The pink tone is traditional for a baby-girl and the blue for a boy. Although modern parents often are beyond these stereotypes and we think not in vain!

Wall Decorations

Plus, we advise to hang positive, cheerful photos and images of animals on the walls. Of course, a newborn baby will be indifferent to them at first, but after a few months these will stimulate the baby’s development. Large drawings are also appropriate for the nursery. They develop the child’s sight.

Original Things

Take notice, the design of the nursery can include not only traditional wooden furniture, but something original, like wicker from vine baskets instead of a usual dresser. Besides, you can replace ordinary shelves with rag pockets. On the whole, handmade things create an especially cosy and unique atmosphere in the baby’s room. It’s possible to make many distinctive things with your own hands, as a rag rug, for instance. Or take such a great addition to the nursery design as the hanging mobile. You know, it’s a set of toys, which hangs and twirls over a baby’s cot.  But be sure that these things are made safely and wisely.

As we have already told above, select a nice nightlight to illuminate the nursery at nighttime, in the shape of a toy hare, for instance.

Home Plants

Next, you can place a couple of pots of flowers on a windowsill, but not any kind. Choose those that do not cause allergy and clean up the air: a carnation, a ficus-birch, a peperomia, a chlorophytum, a kalanchoe, a laurel and an aloe.

Don’t be under the common delusion that plants produce oxygen during daylight and absorb it during the night. Flowers breathe like any living creatures all the time! So, they inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide as any of us 24 hours a day. And, this breathing process can’t harm you. What is really good and generous from plants is that they use the energy of sunlight to produce food for themselves from water and carbon dioxide. This process, which is called photosynthesis, happens only during the daytime. So, the truth is that pot plants enrich the atmosphere inside an apartment with oxygen during the day, due to the process of photosynthesis. As for breathing, this activity depends on the plant’s age and on the changing seasons.

To finish about the role of flowers in the design of the nursery, we think a couple of healthy pot plants would be most appropriate for the nursery.

And finally, remember, the main rule of the nursery design is to rely on your own tastes, while also not contradicting generally accepted recommendations. And, of course, be thinking over everything with love for your baby.


Further, take care to maintain a constant temperature in the nursery. The level of 18-20 degrees above zero by Celsius is optimal for newborns.

Things to avoid

As for things you should avoid, do not put the ironing board in the nursery. It is better to iron baby’s clothes and napkins in another room as it may adversely affect a newborn’s respiratory system.

And, the last advice is, don’t include any appliances which emit high electromagnetic radiation in the nursery. You may be surprised how many of them we use all the time at our home and carry in our pocket 24 hours a day.  About microwave radiation everybody is aware, but what about cell phones, computers, laptops, televisions? Don’t keep these devices in the newborn’s room. It is safer for the child and you will also be beyond the harmful effect of these devices for some time. Of course, we are extremely accustomed to them presently and hardly comprehend that they have varying, but continual negative effects on our health. At the very least, keep them away from your newborn infant.


To summarise all of the above, the main criterion for choosing the furniture for the newborn’s room is its safety. Hence, pay attention to the materials it is made from and check the certificate of conformity. Next, use the space of the infant’s room primarily for what is necessary for the present time keeping spare space for the needs in an older age. And, last, do not keep in the nursery such widespread devices in our daily life as a cell phone and a computer. Remember, they do have adverse effects on the human body.

We hope our recommendations give you a better view about the basic rules for the proper design and interior of the newborn’s room.

20 Photos of the The Design Of The Newborn’s Room

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