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The Window Wood Blinds

Installing some wood venetian blinds is one way for you to achieve a beautiful classic way to dress up windows of your home. You may also try using the faux wood vertical blinds, woven wood blinds or any other styles that you can find through the internet. You do not need to worry about the cost of these blinds because there some online stores that offer discounts on wood blinds as well as on the faux wood blinds that will fit in your windows. You can have the 1-inch faux wood blinds installed for your bedroom windows or beautiful vertical wooden blinds for your dining room window. However, there are some factors that you need to consider before you avail one.

The Right Size

You must measure the windows that you wish to dress up before you go online and order yours. You can measure the windows once and have it noted but you also need to measure the windows for the second time to ensure the measurement is correct. You may seek help from a family member or from a friend if your windows are too big to be measured by yourself. This is an important matter to consider so you will order the right size for your windows.

The Right Finish

There is a number of finishes for inexpensive wooden blinds. You can choose from the light to dark and shiny to matte finishes that are perfect to match the furnishings you have or your hardwood floors. Do not worry that inexpensive wood blinds would not last for long because there is a lot of ways to keep them for the longest time possible.

The Embellishment

Whenever you already have chosen your wooden blinds, it is now the time to decide if you want to add other window treatments like curtains, drapes or valances to your windows. If you still want to do all the cleaning for the drapes and washing for the curtains, then you can add up those with your windows but having only the wood blinds, you will only need to dust them off once a week. Furthermore, if you still want to embellish your blinds with other window coverings, you must make sure that you select the curtain rod and finials that will match the new look you desire. You may also add pillows on your sofas and chairs to complete the look.

The Place to Buy Wood Blinds

You may find discounted wood blinds from the traditional brick and mortar stores but it would consume more time driving around and compare prices from one store to another. Since we now live in a technologically enhanced world, going online, you can find the right wood blinds for your windows on discounted prices and would save a lot of time. However, you must be carefully with scammers online.

Once you have completely changed the look of your windows, you will definitely have a better look for the entire home. Just make sure that whatever you will put onto your windows will blend in with the theme of your home.

28 Photos of the The Window Wood Blinds

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