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Things you should consider before creating backyard skatepark

  • On January 10, 2016
  • Backyard skatepark is something fun and interesting for you or your sons who really love skating. There is no more adorable thing rather than having your own, specialized skatepark at your backyard. You might have large backyard, courtyard and frontyard, and then you realize that you have to do something with your spacious space outside your house. You probably have a deck or patio at your courtyard. Now, don’t you think having backyard skatepark is a brilliant idea? You don’t only amuse you and your sons but also your neighborhood. You are able to invite people around you to enjoy skating at your backyard.

    Considerable things in creating backyard skatepark

    Two questions might appear; is it allowed and legal to have skatepark at your backyard? Is your neighborhood okay with that? Before you set your budget and prepare the designs, it is a must to make sure that having skatepark is allowed. There are some areas or zones that are forbidden to have this kind of thing. You have to deal with the permission and license letter from your zoning board and insurance agent of your house. Don’t ever think to make it as business with charging fee for the kids who want to skate. It is not appropriate for commercial zone in residential area.

    Be careful with the designs, construction plans and material. You need a really help from professional technician or carpenter to build it. Don’t let a single hole or mistake on a construction. Make sure all are safe and proper.  A mistake you make and it causes accident or damaging for the kids, it will be really not good for you. You can get an offense and prosecution to the court because you harm the kids. Yes, it will be really expensive from the license until the real skatepark. The decision is yours.

    19 Photos of the Things you should consider before creating backyard skatepark

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