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Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Shelves

If you need a less demanding way to set up your appliances, you can pick kitchen shelves. Not like corner kitchen cabinets, kitchen shelves are usually left open, so they may get grimy day after day. In If you notice that the kitchen shelves are quite dirty with a lot of stains, you’d better clean them soon. Sure, it’s not a must to replace them with new ones. Just invest your time to clean them.

Here are some items that would be needed to clean the shelves, fabric, vinegar, baking soda, and so on. Before you work on this project, take all your appliances down. Spend your weekend to do so because it may take much time. Despite the fact that it is very simple, cleaning is such a tedious activity. It relies upon the measure of the shelves as well. If you have truly expansive shelves, a couple of hours are probably not sufficient. So spend your off days like weekends or holidays.

To start with, you have to clean all of your dirty appliances. They are put in the kitchen with no doors or other barriers. This will make them filthy as time goes by. After you bring your appliances down, wash them, particularly ones that look so grimy. After you wash them, dry under direct sunlight afterward. To work faster, a vacuum can be used to suck the dust.

Blend a gallon of water and a half cup of vinegar. Plunge a fabric into the mixture. Then wipe it all over the shelves. This will help to eliminate the dust completely. Every time the fabric gets grimy, plunge and rub it again over the shelves. Continue this work until all the dust is totally removed. If the stains are extremely challenging to clean, baking soda will be helpful to get rid of them more easily. If you find that baking soda isn’t really effective, a toothbrush might be great to clear those stains. When you’ve done it, hold up for 24 hours until the shelves dry out completely. The following day you can take up all the appliances to the shelves.

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