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Tips for screened in patio living room

  • On January 10, 2016
  • Screened in patio living room is one of the most favorable house designs. Imagine that you own a house with stunning colorful landscape combine with screened patio living room. It sounds like a brilliant idea right. Now, you can start on planning how to build your landscape and then your living room. Landscape with all its plants take time to grow, so it is better for you to build them first. Next, you may work with your patio living room. Here are some tips for you to build your patio screened living room.

    How to Build Screened in Patio Living Room?

    First thing to think is about the climate. You have to decide whether you need a window or not to prevent your living room from super freezing weather. Next, determine the best location which has the best view; therefore you need to build your landscape first in order to figure out which part has most beauty side. Beside the view, you may also consider about the direction of the wind. Think about where the breeze usually comes and goes, so that will make your living room much more comfortable.

    Next, you need to design the space. Having a living under giant trees will increase the feel of being outside. With the help of wide open glasses window, you will definitely feel like you own a living under the trees. If it is possible, you can build removable windows where you can set in on or off all the time. The last, is about the materials. These materials will greatly affect your screened patio living room. Wood is the most popular materials for it, you may use it as your floor materials, your windows’ frame and also you doors. But some wood like cedar is quite pricey; so you may use plastic decking which is made of recycled materials.

    20 Photos of the Tips for screened in patio living room

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