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Tropical landscaping for exotic retreat

  • On January 10, 2016
  • Tropical landscaping is known for the exotic atmosphere through the selection of plants and the arrangement as well. Not to mention, even though the idea about designing landscaping with tropical essence on it really is tempting you, beforehand, you need to know first the characteristic why a landscape is determined as a tropical landscape. When you fail to grasp its essence, the landscape that you’ve designed can’t be considered as tropical landscape. You may think about such complicated thing, but the truth, designing a landscape with tropical scent is not as difficult as what you think.

    Designing Tropical Landscaping

    To design landscape with tropical retreat, knowing the key is always the best way to start. A common thing for something tropical is its simplicity. More, there is nothing like colorful look, since the signature of a tropical landscape is its green color. Yes, there is other color than green, but green is the star. Thinking about designing a landscape with tropical feel, you need to consider tropical plants as well. Relate to it, even though some of tropical plants are hardy enough and can deal with cold weather, but some others really fragile.

    Hence, if you expect to have a tropical landscape that survive within cold weather, do some researches toward how certain tropical plants react to cold are considered. In addition to it, you must figure out as well about some treatments to do during cold weather like adding mulch, straw or something similar to protect the plant from frosting. Some tropical plants that sturdy enough to manage frost are bamboo (arundo donax and sacred bamboo kinds), agave americana, and gunnera manicate. In case you want to mix the hardy plants with the tender one, you better plant both on separate place. If you insist to plant them near to each other, both of them will compete for food and water that somehow affect the growth

    19 Photos of the Tropical landscaping for exotic retreat

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