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Unique clay fire pit

  • On January 10, 2016
  • Clay fire pit is one of models of fire pit that you can choose. This fire pit is a unique model since it is made of clay. As having been known, fire pit is usually made of bricks and it is designed like a table. However, this fire pit is made of clay, the soft soil that can be shaped as you want. The plus point of choosing this fire pit is you will have such a unique fire pit in your house. Even though, this looks a little bit old, add of ornaments in the fire pit will make it more attractive.

    How to choose the best clay fire pit?

    If you have decided to choose this fire pit, there are some things which you have to consider. The model of the fire pit becomes the first thing you must consider. In choosing the model or the shape of this fire pit, you must know well about the theme of your outdoor room. If the outdoor room is designed in a rustic theme, the bottle or squash shape of the fire pit is the best choice of you. In this shape, there is two holes as the place of the fire and another is as the chimney of the fire pit. With this bottle fire pit made of clay, your rustic outdoor room will be more attractive.

    However, if you want to choose another shape of the fire pit, there is brick clay fire pit that is designed like a house with four large windows. In this model, the fire pit will have roof like a house. Moreover, this is like the shape when people of India were getting married. Thus, this fire pit is for you who want to get the traditional touch of India in your outdoor room. In summary, the explanations above aim to ease you in choosing the best fire pit with clay.

    19 Photos of the Unique clay fire pit

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