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3 Secrets on How to Pick Up Women

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pick up women. It’s a relatively unknown fact that 99% of the male population doesn’t know how to approach women. This skill isn’t something that men are born or not born with.

Picking up women is an acquired skill that can only be perfected with consistent practice as well as trial and error. Lazy men who are not willing to go through this bittersweet process can read this brief article on three tips on how to pick up women.
Secret #1: Hangout Where Women Are
This is a very simple and obvious advice but still, many men fall into the trap of making their moves where there is cutthroat competition in picking up women. These places include clubs and bars, where an average of 55 guys per minute hit on women who are just there to hang out with friends.
If you persist practicing in these places, you’re in for disappointing results. To avoid a dip in your self-esteem, practice approaching women in the unlikeliest places. You can start in bookstores, cafes, libraries, parks, groceries, etc. These are places where the primary purpose is not to socialize with the opposite sex. These are good training grounds because women won’t be on their guard and there will be less to no competition.
Secret #2: Work on Building Trust
Some men get too excited in picking up women that they skip this stage. Failure to complete this stage is part of learning how to pick up women the wrong way. Men often fumble in this stage because this is normally the most difficult. It’s hard to build trust when she already knows that you’re approaching her because you want to hit on her.
Building trust is still possible though, if you don’t completely shock her with your presence. You can start by sitting next to her in a bookstore. Read a book or a magazine for a few minutes then ask her kindly if she can guard your seat while you go to the bathroom. This will instantly familiarize you to her. Also, trust begets trust. If you show her that you trust her, she is likely to respond with trust as well. Don’t forget to be polite and approachable at all times.
Tip: Inject humor into your approach. You can say to her, Can you beat the hell out of anyone who attempts to grab my laptop while I’m in the bathroom? This will break the ice between the two of you and start an engaging conversation.
Secret # 3: Time to Get a Little Closer
Now that you have a conversation brewing between the two of you, don’t let it go on for too long. Pretend to read a text message and say that you have to go see a relative or a friend. This will be an opportunity for you to see her again. You can say, «something just came up and I’ve to run. I’d really like to talk to you more. Are you doing anything on (insert day)?»
Practice this skill in learning how to pick up women. This is a very good strategy to keep your mystery and keep her intrigued. Since you will be leaving her hanging with details about this mystery guy, she will be compelled to go out with you another time. Women also like men who have other things going on in their lives, aside from hitting on women.
If all the strategies don’t work for the first time, be unfazed and try again. Learning how to pick up women is a skill that is mastered over time.

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