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Five Effective Ways to Get a Man’s Attention

To attract men in and of itself is not a difficult concept. But there are so many different ways to attract men that women generally have a difficult time choosing which method they should choose. While there are plenty of magazines and websites that teach how to attract men with the right makeup, clothes, shoes and actions, few of them actually give solid advice on how to catch the attention of the guy you want the most.

That’s what we’ll be discussing here. A lot of women may not have any idea how to attract men the right way, so these tips will help you do just that. In the long run these tips are pretty self-evident and easy to remember so give them a try.

How to Attract Men in Five Different Ways

Just follow these easy steps:

Maintain a positive outlook. Being a positive-oriented person helps to attract men. Why? Because, by being optimistic, you’ll share good vibes, and not bad ones. When you have a positive outlook on life, everyone will notice, because it will show in your actions and words. Of course, no matter how optimistic you are, you’ll still get hurt if negative things happen in your life. But the point is, you shouldn’t dwell on those negative occurrences. Instead, find a way to overcome them and start again.

Enjoy being yourself. You don’t have to be the prettiest or the smart woman to attract men, but you can still enjoy being yourself by accepting who you really are. Make your own ways to overcome those weaknesses you might have. Now, don’t let “who you are” go to your head. You can’t learn to attract men if you’re conceited or self-centered. Recognize your weaknesses as well. You have to know the guy, too, so give him a chance to speak up about what he likes. But when he asks you for a viewpoint on what’s going on in your life, focus more on the positive sides if possible.

Flirt a little. Flirting itself is not a bad thing, contrary to what some people believe. It is part of the game to attract men, but not to actually seduce them. It is like an invitation for him to know you deeper and better. Recognize where the best places to flirt are. Like, for example, in a bar. If your plan is to attract men, don’t go there with your friends, because your friends will get your attention, and you’ll be sitting together. If you do end up attracting a man, he’ll hesitate to approach you because of your friends. You can take a seat at the bar itself and try to look for someone who gets your attention, but do so by yourself.

Socialize with everyone. You won’t be able to attract men and get discovered if you stay in your comfort zone. For instance, you won’t be able to find a boyfriend if you only sit in front of the TV all day long and simply hope for a guy to show up at your door. Plus, the more you get out, the more chances you’ll have of finding someone you like. If you are sick of going to bars, find other places to attract men. Attend social events or hang out at coffee houses. Just have the confidence to attract men, and you’ll be that much better off to begin with.

Dress to look as pretty as possible. You might not like this fact, but men are attracted visually at first. If you can’t attract them with your looks, then it’s hard to attract men from the get-go. Of course, looks aren’t everything, but they certainly help. However, don’t think that you have to be the prettiest girl on the block. Simply wearing clothes that you know play up your best features will help to attract men. This doesn’t mean dressing sleazily or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. Just try to look for clothes that are somewhat fashionable and fit your figure. Dumpy clothing really turns men off, so if you’re trying to attract men, you need to dress nicely.

Many other things also help to attract men, like doing your hair and makeup each morning, talking to him sweetly, not expecting him to pay for absolutely everything when you go out to hang out or on a date, and cooking for him when he’s over at your house. There are many ways to attract men, you just have to feel him out and determine which ways work best on him, and you’ll be set to go!

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