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How to Number Close Successfully in 4 Easy Steps

Stop fidgeting and going around in your conversation! Go get a pen and paper or grab your mobile phone and tell her to type her number down. There’s no other way to do it but that. Remember my friend, how to number close is as simple as that. You don’t need to come up with complicated ways of doing it.
You can number close as easily as you would write your name while blindfolded. If you are reading this with your mouth open in disbelief, let me tell you why you have previously failed with number closing: you haven’t heard of the things I’m about to tell you.
Remember, number closing is all about convincing a girl that it is her idea to give you her number. Whatever you do, DO NOT ASK FOR HER NUMBER. It has to be her idea; her initiative. The challenge her is how to make her do it. Lucky for you, we have the sure-fire strategies to make it happen.
With these remarkable strategies on how to number close you will be seeing more of her:
1. Use the player approach
Ooh, you have now leapfrogged from being a total unknown into a playah—the one thing most guys dream of. Think of yourself as a chick-magnet. This will get you closer to your goal.
Gather all the confidence you have and walk up to her. Smile and offer a small wave then casually ask for her name. Engage is a very brief conversation and then coolly hand over a pen and paper while saying: “I really enjoyed our chat so much that I wonder if we can continue this some another time so we can enjoy each other’s company?”
The fact that you’ve been so cool about your moves and the handing over of pen and paper will make her write her phone number down instinctively. Think about it, you didn’t say anything about getting her number. The idea was hers!
2. Ladies love men with a good sense of humor
Show her how funny you can be. Make her laugh so hard she’ll offer you her number just so you can tell her funny jokes. She will enjoy your company so much she might kiss you before you call it a night. Number closing will be a lot more effective if you know how to make girls laugh.
3. Play the “I’m-in-a-hurry-can-I-call-you card”
During chance encounters—you can also try this at the grocery store—you need to give her the impression that you are in a hurry. “I really enjoyed talking to you. It’s unfortunate that I have to get going. Let’s do this again. Why don’t I call you, say, tomorrow?”
This is line a goldmine! Because you are in such a hurry to scurry off somewhere (even if you’re not) she will automatically give you her phone number just because you offered to call her. The trick here is to act like you’re really in a hurry. That way, she will not have time to contemplate on whether she’ll give you her number or not.
4. Invade her personal space
Sounds too harsh? Not really. Sometimes you need to be aggressive to get what you want. But don’t act like you’re about to mug a lady. Do that and the only thing you’re getting is time in jail.
Remember tip #1. Walk up to her, step beyond her personal space, hand her a pen and paper, and get her number (get, not ask). The key here is to be so close to her that when she looks up, she’ll look straight into your eyes and see only your eyes. Flash her a sexy look and you’ll be calling her before the night’s over.
Once you’ve mastered the tricks of number closing, your phone will be so full of girls’ numbers your lines will be busier than a customer service hotline. So start taking notes and get a girl’s phone number effortlessly.
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