Picking Up Girls At Clubs

So you want to start picking up girls clubs ? Sounds like a great idea to me, in fact when I first got my start going out and picking up girls at clubs was one of the most enjoyable things that I ever did.

Picking up girls at clubs is very different than picking up girls in a bar or picking up girls in cafés. Now by no means do I want to turn you into a guy who goes to night clubs if you don’t like going to nightclubs, but I think it’s importance that you understand if you want to practice your craft, clubs are one of the best places to go because there a plenty of single women in there.
Besides the fact that there is usually an abundance of women in clubs the music and the atmosphere in clubs usually works to your advantage. Girls go to clubs for many different reasons some go to dance while some go to catch up with friends, for what ever reason she is at the club she is there to meet new people, if she didn’t want to meet new people she would’ve sat at home instead of going out with her friends. There is a big difference between meeting new people and being hit on by drunken guys.
The being hit on by drunken guys factor is why most girls have their guard up when a guy approaches them because of this some girls decide not to go out. If you look at a beautiful woman in a nightclub chances are she’s hit on every five minutes or so, now she may be the nicest girl in the world but eventually she will become fed up with those drunken guys that don’t know what they’re doing and she may even become quite standoffish. Lucky for you that you will not be one of those drunken guys picking up girls at clubs , you will be the cool fun guy who she wants to be around.
When it comes to picking up girls at clubs a lot of factors come into play, if you don’t understand these factors picking up girls at clubs become something you will never master. I think there are a lot of guys out there who go to clubs and want to know how to pick up girls at clubs but because they have no idea how they think the guys who know how to pick up girls at clubs have some sort of magical ability and they will never be able to emulate them.
This couldn’t be any further from the truth picking up girls at clubs is one of the best ways to meet women. As long as you take into account what’s going on in the club at the time your in there, this is what confuses most guys. A lot of guys will think what works in a quiet bar will also work in a nightclub or what works when they approach women in the street will work in a nightclub this is just not true. Everything is different in a nightclub from the approach to what you say to her and to how you get her phone number look at what’s going on in a nightclub so you can get a better understanding and start successfully approaching girls at clubs.
Picking up girls at clubs factor 1: The atmosphere
In most clubs the atmosphere is electric, people are having a fantastic time dancing, drinking and just letting loose. In other words the energy in a nightclub is high if you approach a woman and she feels that you’re bringing the energy down she will instantly be will not be attracted to you. Remember she is there to have fun not to listen to all your problems.
When you approach a woman in a nightclub make sure you approach with high energy make it as though you are bringing the party to her. Once you understand that energy is one of the most important things you can bring with your approach picking up girls clubs just got a lot easier.
Picking up girls at clubs factor 2: Alcohol
Now in all clubs alcohol is served this can be good news or it can be bad news. If you’ve read any of my other articles will know my thoughts on approaching a woman blind drunk if you haven’t read any of my other articles in short don’t do it. Now I’m not against having a couple of drinks if it helps with your confidence or if it helps you relax but never approach a woman when you’ve had way too much to drink, it shows that you have no confidence and chances are you are not as smart or as clever as you thought you were when you were speaking to her chances are you’re probably just embarrassed yourself.
Now on the other side if a woman blind drunk I wouldn’t approach her and this is just my thoughts. The way I see it is if a girl is blind drunk your really not going to be able to have a conversation with her and depending on the way she can or can’t control the alcohol you might end up wearing her supper.
Something the confuses a lot of guys is when they are out picking up girls in clubs they may get a few phone numbers and think to themselves they’ve done really well. Two or three days later they’ll ring these girls and they are surprised that the girls seem very different on the phone to what they did when they met in the club. The reason for this is very simple when you first met her you met the nightclub version of her, chances are she had a few drinks and she was letting her hair down. When you spoke to her on the phone you meant the normal her, the one that works five days a week the one that has bills to pay and the one just like every person has their own problems.
This is quite normal situation when you are picking up girls at clubs , it’s not that you have done anything wrong but it also means you haven’t done anything right. When you meet women in bars or clubs she’ll be very different to what she will be in the week, so when you first meet her you need to compensate for this.
So how do you compensate for this you ask quite simple when you are speaking with her keep her in club mode and find out more about the normal girl. The questions you ask when you are in the club are very different because of the loud music you not going to have an in-depth conversation, but you can use this to your advantage. Now beware it is a very fine line between being able to find out more about the normal girl and bringing the energy levels down.
I’m the first to admit that picking up a girl in a club is not for everybody and that’s fine it doesn’t have to be. For me I don’t go to clubs very much anymore but maybe that’s just because I’m getting a little bit older, I much preferred to be in a classy bar over a loud nightclub. But don’t dismiss the idea of picking up girls in the club, clubs are a fantastic place to practice so this weekend go out to a club and approach 5 or 10 women and have some fun with it.
If you really want to get a better understanding of picking up girls at clubs our coaching packages will take you through a step-by-step process of picking up girls at clubs, alternatively you can even hire us to be your wing man for a Friday and Saturday night.

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