Police Stop Young Love

Learn To Approach Question: I am only 16 years old but my friends a lot older snuck me into a bar and I met this really nice girl who was 19. When she asked me how old I was I told her that I am 18 and that I’m at university studying law, I am really in high school. When I called her she said we should go out, said that she didn’t drive that I said I’ll come and pick her up. I pinched my dad’s car to go and see her and got caught by the police. When I rang her the next day to tell her why I didn’t turn up she just laughed and hung up. Now I am in trouble with the police, grounded by my parents and she doesn’t want to talk to me. How can I get her to like me again. Mick Melbourne
My Thoughts: Hello Mick from Melbourne, I have been coaching guys who want more success with women for many years and I get a lot of e-mails every day asking me questions or telling me stories and hands down this is one of the best e-mails I have ever read. It may not seem like it now but one day that story is going to get you a lot of action.
This website is mainly for an older audience but I’m glad you found us. Since it is an older audience I’m going to talk to you now like you’re an adult not a teenager. The fact is Mick you made an amateur mistake by lying to a girl about your age, now I know you were in a licensed venue so you had your reasons but this lie though harmless at the time has now cost you.
The fact that you stole your father’s car to go and pick her up may have seemed romantic to you when you came up with that. The fact is it’s not romantic all this shows is a complete lack of respect for your father’s property and living in is drowning out also I know you won’t be getting a license now when you’re 18.
I know what it’s like to be young and I also know what it’s like to meet a woman a few years older than you but you want to impress some not be too hard on you but take my advice on this one but chances of you cooking up with this girl ever again are slim to none. The only way it will happen is when you’re 18 and you bump into her in a bar or a club until then I wouldn’t give it too much thought.
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