Running Out Of Things To Say A fear for most guys when the approach women

is they will run out of things to say when they approach her, so what they do is buy a book which gives them all these routines they can use. Great idea right? WRONG!
You can’t script a conversation, a great example of this is when you have a telemarketer call you, they are given a script to read off, as soon as you give an answer that is not on their list it confuses them. The same applies with women if you try and use a script or routine on them.
When you read this books they are normally set up like this:
You “Let me get a women’s point of view on something”
Her “ Yes sure we would love to hear your question”
You” blah blah blah blah” and so on and so on.
Now this works really well but what if when you opened with your line she said something completely different, you start stumbling around for things to say. In other words it did not go as the book said. You need to learn to be able to think on your feet, reading books full of scripts won’t give you this ability.
Also there is no way you will be able to remember all of these routines, when you are talking to a girl you need to be present, you can’t be running through your mind for routines.
The most important thing about routines is girls can pick up on these straight away. Guys don’t give women enough credit, women are very smart and know when some guy is just trying to use a routine on her.
I can promise you if you keep away from planned routines your success rate with women will dramatically increase, if you are speaking to a woman and she thinks you are genuine guy she will always give you more of her time that if you are the routine running non genuine guy
In the beginning if you need one routine to feel comfortable to opened a conversation with a girl, that’s ok, but learn to move away from it and become more spontaneous to set yourself apart.
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