She Is Still Not Interested Question

After eight years of being with my girlfriend she broke up with me. She told me that I had no dreams or ambitions and that she was sick of supporting me.

In the last three months I’ve gotten my act together I stopped drinking and now have a full-time job. I have tried everything to get back with her but she doesn’t seem interested anymore. I love this girl so much and I don’t want to live without her. Yesterday I found out she is now seen another guy I don’t see the point in going on without her. What can I do? Steve LA
My Thoughts: Steve, I am sorry to hear that your girlfriend broke up with you after eight long years, but I am excited to hear you are starting to turn your life around. A breakup is never easy especially when you have no idea that it’s going to happen, unlike most guys you have had a good hard look at yourself and decided to make some changes which you should be congratulated for.
I can only hope that that you have made these changes in your life to improve the quality of your own life not just to try and get her back. If you make these changes because you thought it might get her back I think you are going to find you will revert back to the old Steve in little or no time at all. If on the other hand you made these changes to improve your own life quality, you are in for an exciting journey, which will include meeting a lot of new people.
I’m very concerned with the last line of your e-mail to me it sounds like you’re in a very dark place at the moment though I can go further into detail about the point of going on without her I would really like to talk to you one-on-one, I have sent an e-mail to you and I am waiting your reply.
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